” Joanne was a blessing to me in helping me move my 89 year old mom from the S.F. Bay Area to the Midwest. Due to my job and distance, she acted on my behalf and was very, very patient with my mom (and with me) and gave of her time to make sure the move was as painless as possible. Her advice was invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a senior move manager.”

I found you to be a skillful, supportive and efficient moving manager.  I had wanted to clear out my condominium and move to a smaller apartment for 10 years.  With patience and diplomacy, you helped me overcome years of procrastination about parting with useless possessions, assisted with organizing, packing, moving, unpacking in just 2 months time.  I could not have managed this transition without your wise counsel and physical help – it was worth every penny of your very reasonable fee.

You have been a great help to me, Joanne. Your calm and re-assuring manner has made a huge difference in tackling the doll project and in facing up to the move in general.

This client had a large doll collection which I photograph and uploaded to a photo sharing site for dealers to view. It saved time and generated interest in the client’s dolls.  Eventually, a photo-book will preserve the memory of the entire collection.

“Joanne Devereaux helped us with some estate planning, not of a formal legal sort but requiring complex organizing of information. She is efficient, works in a very timely way, and ( most important) always with an excellent sense of her clients’ needs (and foibles). Happy to recommend her.”

“We are very grateful and sincerely feel that our move could not have been accomplished in anything less than complete chaos without your invaluable assistance.”

“We needed to move from our home and organize its contents into three distinct groups.  You spent a great deal of time with us on this process and made the entire effort very successful.  You made excellent suggestions for process improvement and you had contacts that allowed us to have massive shredding completed, pick-up of donated items done efficiently, and other necessary tasks completed with a minimum of effort on our part.  In addition, you assisted in interaction with various companies involved in our move that made the coordination effort very positive.  You worked tirelessly to insure that our household contents were organized for the complex move.”

“I like the way you answer my questions and make suggestions and your calmness and patience.”