If you are thinking about a move, this article written for a local paper’s Senior Section offers a good approach.

Hiring a move manager is a wise decision. It will keep you on task and track for everything relating to your move, saving you both time and money.

Protect your is website with valuable information worth reading if you have a long distant move ahead.

BULK secure shredding service is easily scheduled and saves time when you have years of accumulated tax records and personal files.

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Organizing personal papers & documents is an important task to keep up to date, especially during the chaotic time of a move.

DONATIONS Furniture and household donations stores are plentiful in the Bay Area. The Home Consignment Center has many locations in California and I recommend them. A comprehensive list of donation and re-sale locations are available. If you are in the Piedmont/Oakland area THE OAKLAND MUSEUM’s White Elephant trucks are supporting a local museum and offer pick up service for most items. Hoarding is especially difficult and not a laughing matter as seen on TV. There are specialized businesses who approach the emotional and serious nature of hoarding.

STAYING PUT   AGING IN PLACE is a growing trend, with local resources it can allow for an effective alternative, or delay, to a large move.  MTransitions is a service provider for North Oakland Village a community that support seniors through a variety of events and services. The Village to village movement is expanding nationally and is worth exploring for long distance family and friends.DSC_0117DOCUMENTATION/PHOTOGRAPHS Moving is an  emotional event. Whether it’s a special garden, your entire house, or a collection of some kind, photographing before you move is a way to capture one’s home and preserve the memories before leaving. Photography is also helpful in estate dispersment.

COLLEGE TRANSITIONS The primary focus of Mindful Transitions is working with older individuals and their families. However, most transitions need concerted effort and can require “hands on” assistance. When a teen goes off to college, it often begins a time of transition for parents, they begin to see the changing needs of their nest. I offer assistance for families who want guidance with home space improvement during the college years. A recent newsletters touched on this topic. If you have a college student in your life Grown and Flown is a wonderful website.

READ MORE  Next Avenue  is full of useful news you can sign up to receive via email. It’s audience focus is America’s booming 50+ population.  Topics on finance, careers, health and work/life balance with plenty of opportunity to join in the conversation on issues surrounding life transitions. Five years ago when I faced my own career transition, I wrote an article for Next Avenue about my experience.

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