Protect your is website with valuable information worth reading if you have a long distant move ahead.

BULK secure shredding service is easily scheduled and saves time when you have years of accumulated tax records and personal files.

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Organizing personal papers & documents is an important task to keep up to date, especially during the chaotic time of a move.

DONATIONS Furniture and household donations stores are plentiful in the Bay Area. The Home Consignment Center has many locations in California and I recommend them. A comprehensive list of donation and re-sale locations are available. If you are in the Piedmont/Oakland area THE OAKLAND MUSEUM’s White Elephant trucks are supporting a local museum and offer pick up service for most items. Hoarding is especially difficult and not a laughing matter as seen on TV. There are specialized businesses who approach the emotional and serious nature of hoarding.

STAYING PUT  AGING IN PLACE is a growing trend, with local resources it can allow for an effective alternative, or delay, to a large move.  MTransitions is a service provider for North Oakland Village a community that support seniors through a variety of events and services. The Village to village movement is expanding nationally.DSC_0117

DOCUMENT before you go. Moving is an  emotional event. Whether it’s a special garden, your entire house, or a collection of some kind, photographing before you move is a way to capture one’s home and preserve the memories before leaving. COLLEGE TRANSITIONS The primary focus of Mindful Transitions is working with older individuals and their families. When a teen goes off to college, it can begin a time of transition for parents. I now offer assistance for families who want guidance with home space improvement during the college years. A recent newsletters touched on this topic.

READ MORE   If you have a college student in your life take a look at Grown and Flown.

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